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We created Get Mads as the easiest way for you to fight the madness and go earth positive. Let's stop climate change together!

How Get Mads Works


Get Mads

Upset about the current climate crisis? Don’t just get mad: Get Mads! You’ll fund earth saving projects that create a cleaner, brighter future for our planet.


Go Earth Positive

Each month, you’ll offset more than your total carbon and plastic use by funding climate positive initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and plastic pollution.


Empower Communities

We don’t just plant trees. We fund the most impactful, positive projects tackling the climate crisis while supporting local communities.


See Your Impact Grow

Your personalised dashboard allows you to keep track of your impact!  See specific projects you helped fund and connect with other Mad Earth Lovers!

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take action against climate change and have a positive impact on our planet.

Climate change is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. Together we need to stop the madness.

Maximising Our Impact

Carbon Offsetting

The climate crisis is the largest threat facing our planet today.  We believe in putting pressure on governments, organisations and corporations to commit to climate targets, but they are just not moving quickly enough.

And that makes us mad.  But instead of just getting mad, we wanted to do something. We created Get Mads so that everyone can easily offset their carbon emissions and proactively help our planet.

Your funds directly support vetted climate-positive projects that have been strictly vetted and selected by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to tackle carbon emissions. The projects we support are focused in developing nations to maximise their social and economic impact.

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Plastic Reduction

The plastic problem isn’t going anywhere. Literally. More than half of plastic produced today is designed to be single-use, and less than 9% is recycled.

If current trends continue, estimates suggest that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish! To protect our ecosystems and marine life, we want to stop the flow of plastic waste at the source.

In addition to encouraging a mass movement away from single-use plastics, we support the Plastic Bank who work in developing nations to transform plastic waste into a valuable source of income. Not only does this help keep our oceans clean, it creates positive social impact for local communities around the world.  

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Mad About Transparency

We keep a public ledger of every payment we have made to projects so that you can be sure where your money goes.

We only fund climate-positive projects that have been strictly vetted and selected by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reversing carbon emissions.

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We support the Plastic Bank because of their commitment to preventing plastic from entering our oceans, while providing new sources of income for members in developing nations.

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We go mad for our planet.

Madeline (Mads) Petrow

Our muse. Madeline is our top earth lover and head carbon offsetter.

Lenny Leemann

The one that makes things work. Lenny spends his days creating products that help our planet.

Matt Williams

Earth positive storyteller. Matt gets his kicks from promoting Mads around the world.

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Join us in our fight to stop the climate madness.

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