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UN Project 9933: Improved Cook Stoves in Malawi

Helping rural families switch to safer, cleaner, more efficient cookstoves.

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 3 billion people in low and middle-income countries rely on energy inefficient solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, coal, animal dung, and crop wastes. This project helps transition rural households in Malawi to energy efficient cookstoves reducing carbon emissions, preventing deforestation and helping local communities.

Plastic Bank: Transforming Plastic Waste Into Value

Fighting ocean pollution by ethically recovering & recycling ocean-bound plastics.

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to our oceans and marine life. Plastic Bank fights ocean pollution by working in developing nations to ethically recover plastic waste, while simultaneously creating positive economic opportunity for those who helped collect it.

UN Project 5016: Reforestation in Rural India

Supporting reforestation projects and economic opportunity in rural East India.

This project empowers small-scale farmers in rural India by providing the financial and economic resources to transform wasteland into fertile forestland. This has the dual benefit of sequestering carbon while providing new economic opportunity for rural communities.

UN Project 6848: Hydroelectric Energy in Chile

Transitioning Chile to Renewable Energy with Hydroelectric Power.

Today, the energy sector is one of the most significant contributors to climate change, and accounts for nearly 60% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This project provides a renewable source of energy for the main supply grid in Chile, helping to transition the nation to clean, renewable energy.

UN Project 6315: Sugarcane Biomass Power in India

Switching From Fossil Fuels to Biomass Energy.

This project uses sugar cane waste to create renewable energy in the East Indian state of Bihar. By utilising a by-product of the sugar cane industry, this project simultaneously tackles organic waste while also creating a more sustainable energy source for the local region.

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