The Get Mads Story

By Lenny Leemann on Apr 23, 2020

We’re Lenny and Mads, the founders of Get Mads! 

We created Get Mads because we wanted a super simple, easy and affordable way for people to take action and give back to our planet. 

We’re also the founders of MAMOQ, an online marketplace for sustainable fashion that is home to over 100 independent labels fighting to create positive change within the fashion industry. 

So how did we go from Sustainable Fashion to Carbon Offsetting?

Well it really started in 2013, when we met completing a Masters in International Development at King’s College London, and came together over our shared belief that sustainable and ethical businesses are key in achieving global development goals. If managed responsibly, business can be an incredible tool for positive impact. 

This is especially true of the fashion industry. The fashion industry is HUGE! In a report we published with Cambridge University, we estimated that if it was a country, the fashion industry would be the 7th largest economy in the world!

With all that money, comes great responsibility.  The fashion industry could be an incredible source of economic empowerment for the countries our clothes are made in (think: Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia) however instead, the fashion industry is more known for its environmental pollution and human rights violations. 

We set out MAMOQ to show that there are positive alternatives to the high street and are incredibly proud to have grown our community to over 100 independent labels that share our values. 

So today, we're embarking on a new challenge!

From our experience working with such incredible companies (and in our own lives!), we know it is impossible to be perfect when it comes to being green. 

Supporting empowering offset programs is a great way to help balance our environmental impact.  However, when we looked into offsetting for our personal lives, and for MAMOQ, we found it way too confusing! And expensive! 

We found some great projects to support, and have made some wonderful partnerships along our journey so thought: why not share them? 

And Get Mads was born! At first the name was a joke, but Don’t Get Mad, Get Mads made us laugh and just kind of stuck!  At the end of the day, the world is a little mad after all! 

Lenny, Mads & Matt

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